10 Quick and Easy Prosecco Cocktails

In the mood for a nice, refreshing drink but don’t have the time for anything fancy? Set those worries aside, because you won’t need much time or effort to make these 10 delicious sparkling wine cocktails.

The first thing you’ll want to start with is a bottle of Prosecco (we highly recommend Masottina for quality and flavor). Prosecco is an Italian white wine that can come either spumante (sparkling), frizzante (semi-sparkling), or tranquillo (still). However, it is most popularly known as a sparkling wine. So grab your bottle of Masottina sparkling Prosecco and let’s get started:

  1. Prosecco royale

One part crème de cassis, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and three parts prosecco. Serve with a skewer of blueberries and a sprig of thyme for a classic finish.

  1. Rose-ecco

A creation of Sophie Dahl, the English author and model. Simply pour a glass of Prosecco and then carefully spoon one tablespoon of rose syrup down the inside of the class so it drips in a long streak to the bottom. This gives a great aesthetic and a wonderful accent to the wine.

  1. Bakewell Fizz

Start with a cherry soaked in Kirsch at the bottom of the flute. Add one tablespoon of Kirsch cherry liqueur on top, then pour one part amaretto to three parts of Prosecco for an elegant balance of cherry and almond flavor to complement the Prosecco.

  1. Hibiscus Prosecco

Start with a hibiscus flower and a teaspoon of hibiscus syrup at the bottom of the glass. Simply pour your Prosecco over the hibiscus and allow the bubbles to gently work the syrup into a swirl of floral fragrance through the body of your wine.

  1. Christmas pear Prosecco

First, mix one tablespoon of caster sugar with a half tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Then dip the rim of your glass in water before inverting it into your mixture to lightly coat it in the sweet, spicy combination. Spoon one tablespoon of ginger syrup into the bottom of your glass and top with equal parts pear juice and Prosecco for a powerful combination that will delight the senses. For garnish, use a small slice of stem ginger.

  1. Sbagliato

Italian for “mistaken”, this cocktail is thought to have been an accident by a sloppy bartender mistaking Prosecco for gin while trying to mix a negroni. The considerably lighter and more palatable sbagliato consists of one part sweet vermouth, one part campari, and four parts Prosecco. This cocktail is best garnished with a twist of orange zest.

  1. Raspberry Prosecco Bellini

In a champagne flute, top one part Raspberry liqueur and a sprig of fresh basil with four parts of Prosecco. This bellini replaces the standard refreshing peach with something a rich raspberry flavor offset just slightly by the hint of basil. Present beautifully.

  1. Forager’s fizz

In a glass, splash sloe gin over some blackberries and then fill with Prosecco. This gives a deep, rich flavor profile that goes great with dinner.

  1. Prosecco pomander

Start by juicing one clementine into one part triple sec and three parts Prosecco. Top with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of clementine, preferably studded with cloves for garnish.

  1. Prosecco French 77

Beginning with one part elderflower cordial, one part gin, and one part lemon juice in a shaker with ice, shake well and drain into a tall glass. Cover with Prosecco and garnish with mint leaves and a twist of lemon.