3 Ways To Prepare For A Trip To Germany

If you’ve never been to Germany, you’re seriously missing out on experiencing an amazing country with a lot to offer. For some who visit, they find themselves never wanting to leave! So if you’ve been wanting to see what all the fuss is about with Germany and have finally made some real plans to get there, here are three things you might want to add to your list as you prepare for this fabulous trip.

Take Care Of The Legalities

In order to travel to almost any foreign country, you have to have a passport. However, merely having a passport might not be enough in some instances. According to Mandi Titus, a contributor to USA Today, Germany requires that you have a valid passport for at least four months before you plan to visit the country. Additionally, you might need to get a visa if you plan to stay for a while. If your plans to visit Germany extend longer than about 90 days, you’ll want to look into the requirements for getting a visa so that you can ensure that you’re staying in the country legally and won’t run into any problems while you’re there or when you’re trying to make your way back home.

Pack For The Right Weather

The weather in Germany can swing drastically throughout the year. Because of this, you’re going to want to pack very carefully based on when you’re planning to visit. According to German Culture, light clothing that breathes well is encouraged if you’ll be there in the spring or summer. However, as fall and winter roll in, you’re going to want to pack for some bitter cold temperatures. Especially if you plan to visit the outdoor Christmas markets, it’s going to be crucial to your health and happiness that you are dressed warmly. While this might mean having a bit more luggage, or spending some money on warm clothes once you arrive, it will all be worth it for your comfortability.

Stay Safe With A Money Belt

Being a tourist in any place can be dangerous, especially if you broadcast that you’re not from around the area. So to help keep yourself and your money safe, Brige Amondson, a contributor to TripSavvy.com, suggests that you swap out your wallet for a money belt while you’re traveling around Germany. During the high season, which is during the summer and at events like Christmas market, petty crime like theft can be higher, so it’s smart to keep your money close to your body.

If you’re planning to visit Germany soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to ensure you have a great time there.