5 Types of Travel Destinations

Sometimes when it comes to choosing a vacation goal, it’s less about choosing a specific destination, and more about choosing a type of destination. In other words, you’re not as worried about the specifics of a certain city or event, but you’re rather more interested in what kind of a vibe you get, or what types of options are available at a place.

To break this down, think about what it means to travel to resorts, primitive living spots, people-watching locations, budget-conscious places, or even places where the goal is to extend your timeframe as much as possible. Thinking in terms of category rather than locale can really open up your vacation options.


Certain personality types want to be pampered, and that’s what those type of people will gravitate toward – the luxurious vacation. To get this, think about heading to a resort town. There are certain companies and brands that create absolutely stunning experiences for people who unbelievable locations, and the prices can be quite reasonable depending on a number of different factors. The better your research the resort options, the better you’ll find the place that hits your psychological target. Resort towns don’t quite have to mean “sit back and relax,” in fact many resort towns in Colorado are known for their active style of resort. Family rafting trips are at the top of the offerings for summer while skiing happens all winter.

Primitive Living

Another personality type is going to be fascinated by survival concepts. And this means doing some primitive camping. And there are places all around the world that allow this option. The important thing for the vacation planner is to organize around the degree of primitiveness, rather than the location of that primitiveness. You’re looking for the result of you versus nature, not you versus Colorado, or you versus Egypt. Everything looks and feels the same lost in the woods anyway, right!


Sometimes the most awesome vacation is going to be one where you get to practice the art of people-watching. Major cities are good for this. But, hanging your hat somewhere that has a particularly distinct culture is also a way to accomplish this goal. Think about how interesting it would be to vacation in a small town in Russia, for instance!

Budget Consciousness

If going cheap is your goal, then you really need to keep an open mind when it comes to location. Search for cheap vacations, and go with the one that makes the most budget sense. Don’t concern yourself too much about the actual location – keep that razor focus on the edge of the dollar bills that you’re trying to keep in your pocket.

Extended Timeframe

Do you know how long your vacation slot is? If you want to be able to extend it, there are certain types of places that should be on your radar, rather than specific places themselves. You can’t extend a cruise ship journey, for instance, but in many cases, you can extend camping or hotel stays.