Bread Makers – Do They Still Deserve a Place in The Domestic Kitchen?

Do you remember a few years ago when bread makers were the number one desired item in the kitchen? Endorsed by celebrity bakers, and offering a multitude of settings, we were told that these marvellous creations would see the public waking up to freshly made bread every morning – whilst supposedly never having to purchase another shop bought loaf ever again!

I too bought a bread maker at that time. One, because I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets, as my family would no doubt tell you, and two; because I wanted to see if the claims about bread makers doing a better job than us Chefs were true!

Bread Makers Verses Ovens

Firstly, I can’t discredit bread makers in general. I know of several family members and friends who have, and still use, a bread maker and are perfectly happy with the results. When you consider that they know exactly what is going into their bread, and it is a much healthier alternative than a shop bought loaf, there’s no reason for complaints.

But, if you asked me, I would tell you that if you could – bypass the bread maker and make your own bread in the oven. If it’s a quality taste that you are looking for, in my own opinion, nothing beats an oven when it comes to making that perfect succulent loaf of bread!

Why Ovens Win Hands Down Every Time with Bread

The obvious reason an oven will cook better bread than a bread maker is the size. As an oven is spacious, there is ample room for the heat to circulate all around the oven, ensuring that the overall cooking process mirrors that of a bakery. When you compare this to a bread maker, which is compact and usually a small metal tin, it’s no wonder the taste of the two finished products are worlds apart.

Making Bread Is Not a Difficult Process

I often hear people talk of making bread as one of the most technical and difficult aspects they have encountered, thereby believing the exact reason for bread makers being invented was for all people like themselves! This simply isn’t true – once you have made your first batch of bread in the oven there is nothing to it and, in the time that it takes you to manually calculate, measure and weigh the exact order of ingredients needed for the bread maker, you could have kneaded and placed your dough in the oven for cooking before you’ve even hit the start button on your bread maker!

Oh, and before you ask, my bread maker is currently sitting at the back of our storage cupboard somewhere, building up dust!