Common Dangers Of Partying Abroad

The summer traveling season is in full swing, and traveling abroad is one of the most adventurous ways to pass the time.  The world offers a wide array of experiences to enjoy, but you should never completely throw caution to the wind, especially if you like to party.  

Danger lurks in many places when you are traveling in unfamiliar territories, and knowledge is your best defense.  Take this moment to learn something new, and read through this short overview of a few of the most common dangers you may face when partying abroad.  

The basics of partying safety

There are a few basics of safe partying that everyone should know and carry in their minds wherever they choose to party.  In case you are not aware, here is the low-down.

  • Never take a drink from a stranger.  You should be able to watch the pour of your drink, and never take your eyes off of the thing.  It is easiest to just drink bottled beer, as they are relatively difficult to contaminate with “party drugs.”  
  • Never leave your drink unattended.  No one likes an unintentional trip.  
  • Party with a friend.  Partying with people you trust is always the safest bet.  
  • Carry as little cash as possible.  You may need to carry a small amount of cash for tipping and cover charges, but there is no need to bring the bank to the bar.  
  • Try to avoid getting sloppy drunk.  Try to keep your wits about you.  Blacking out in a foreign country could mean terrible consequences.  

Your travel insurance may not cover your stupidity

Many travel insurance providers have a strict clause included in their contracts that typically read something like this:

“We will not, under any circumstances, pay if you were under the influence of any intoxicating substances, except a prescribed drug, that has been taken in accordance with the prescribing doctor’s orders.”

That means… if you get sloppy drunk in Mexico and fall through a window, your insurance company is not liable for reparations of your injuries.  You are on your own.  

Protect your important documents

It is not a good choice to bring every piece of identification you own with you to the bar.  No matter where you are, you probably do not need your passport to get boozy.  Leave sensitive documents in a safe place back at the hotel, so you do not end up at the embassy in some far off land.  

Popular vacation spots that are not as safe as you think

Johannesburg, South Africa – This location reports 30 murders for every 100,000 residents, an extremely high ratio in comparison to the world’s average per capita.  Basic safety precautions could be very helpful if you choose to travel this area.  Take a cab when traveling at night, instead of walking.  

New Orleans, Louisiana – Though perceived to be a relatively safe place to let loose, New Orleans is an extremely dangerous tourist destination.  The city reported more than 40 murders per 100,000 residents last year.  

Kingston, Jamaica – Everyone has their dream vacation to Jamaica planned in the back of their minds, but the popular city of Kingston may not be the safest place to visit.  At 41 murders per 100,000 residents, Kingston is the most dangerous destination on our list.