Five Meal And Snack Ideas For Your Next Boat Trip

You invested in a yacht and now you’re hitting the water for the day. You’re bound to get hungry, so what are you going to eat? In case motion sickness is going to be an issue for you, you don’t want to eat anything too heavy. Luckily you have a bigger size boat for rent, so it’s pretty likely you’ll at least have a bathroom or even 2 on board.

You definitely want foods that don’t need any immediate refrigeration and aren’t going to give you food poisoning if they sit out for too long. However, you could haul a cooler with some ice on board. Whatever way you’re doing it, here are some good boating day meals and snacks to consider.

 Fresh Fruit And Veggies

 Take along some fresh fruits and vegetables. These are light and healthy snacks that can be enjoyed alone or with a dip, if you have a cooler with ice to keep the dip fresh. You could bring peanut butter, or a different nut butter, as well, which is good with apples and celery.

These snacks will not only keep you filled up, but they won’t weigh you down. Heavy meals may make you sleepy behind the boat wheel.

 Easy Tacos

 If you can keep some cooked meat on ice you could bring stuff to fix your own personal tacos or even walking tacos. Bring shells or mini-bags of tortilla chips. Aside from that and some seasoned taco meat you just need shredded cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. Maybe add some chopped onion or peppers for some added flavor.

 Finger Sandwiches

 You could make finger sandwiches to eat. These are just cut up sandwiches that are easy to pop in your mouth and make less of a mess with. You’ll need to keep these on ice depending on the ingredients and condiments.

You can do simple things like ham and cheese sandwiches, or go a little more fancy with cucumber sandwiches. Egg salad or chicken salad sandwiches can be filling, but healthy too. Use a whole grain bread to make it even better for you.

 Make Your Own Salad Fixings

 Much like the tacos, you could do make your own salads, just make sure to have ice to keep the dressings on unless you’re sticking with oil and vinegar. Dice up and separately bag all the fixings and you’re ready to go.

 Trail Mix

If you just want to graze will you cruise around on the boat, making a trail mix to take along is a great idea. Many of the ingredients in trail mixes are packed with proteins to give you extra energy. Nuts are one of them.

You can put all sorts of healthy items in a trail mix. Pass on the chocolate and replace it with carob nibs. Include dried fruits, dried coconut flakes (or fresh) nuts, and even seeds (sunflower and pumpkin are great choices).