Sell your House Fast with the Right Smell

Selling your house is not easy especially when the first thing prospective buyers come in contact with then they come to view your property is an annoying pungent smell. The truth is that while every home has its own unique smell, you need to consider making your home smell good in order to sell your house.

That is, there is more to that house looking the part. It must have a good smell that is inviting. There are a number of things you can you can do to improve the smell of your home among them cooking. While some scents are an instant turn off, there are those foods that are enticing such as the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the smell of freshly baked bread. These are surefire winners that will appeal to anyone seeking to buy a new home.

Apart from cooking, there are other ways of improving the smell of your home to sell fast such as introducing freshly cut flowers in the hallway as well as the front room effectively creating an appealing scent. Additionally, estate agents advocate for a mixture of fresh white tea and fig whose scent has seen houses sell so fast.

Generally, sweet scents originating from the kitchen worktops tend to create a welcoming feel that overpowers other smells that include the smell of pets and the home’s natural smell making your house even more appealing. The smell of food also gives a sense of homely lived in feel for your home.

Even then, there are certain foods that are an absolute no-no when selling your house. This is because while they may happen to be your favourite the scent usually draws mixed reactions from different people. Thus, while they may be preferred by some people, others may out rightly reject them.

Such foods include fish as it does not sit well with most buyers. In fact, estate agents will tell you that the smell of fish is usually an instant turn off. This also goes for those foods that have strong smells like garlic, cabbage, onions, curries and sauerkraut among others as they will literally drive away the buyer.

Ultimately, you need to keep in mind that what smells good to you may be terrible to someone else. In fact, you will be surprised that even those smells that are mostly considered as being safe will turn off some buyers. At the same time, you also need to know that you cannot please everyone. Therefore, you will do well to settle for those smells that are preferred by the majority by preparing those foods just when prospective buyers are about to come round for viewing.

Property experts at Ready steady Sell advice that you refrain from the temptation of having a mix of smells during your viewings. That is, identify one scent that you like and work with it. For instance, if you want the smell of freshly baked bread, then stick to that. Having a mixture of smells can be quite confusing.

Most importantly, you must keep in mind that the reason you are introducing scents to your property viewing is because they are a powerful way of establishing an emotional connection and a greater sense of association for home buyers.

Ultimately, at Ready Steady Sell we advocate for having the right smell that will help to sell your house fast especially smells that are subtle so as not to put off the buyers yet fresh enough to match the clean and fresh design of the home.