Are You A Serial Plotter or A Serial Pantser When It Comes To Your Lunch Break?

I recently learnt two new terms from my eldest daughter; plotter and Pantser! Whilst working on a text in English, her teacher grouped famous writers into a plotter or pantser section. Apparently, plotters decide what they will write beforehand, whereas pantsers simply go for it, letting the writing take them.

I realised that these labels could also be applied to adults and their lunch habits! Some people are plotters, making up a lunch perhaps the night before and taking it to work daily; whilst others will just see how the mood takes them and nip out most lunch times to purchase food. Whilst I’m not saying there is anything wrong with either method, after all we are all adults, I do wish more workers would realise the benefits of eating healthy during the working day.

Why Do Adults Shun the Idea of a Good Working Lunch?

A couple of years ago, I had a contract supplying fresh lunches to various office blocks in the area. I was employed to inject some freshness and vitality into the lunches as the usual sandwiches were out of touch with the office workers. I took hold of the project, and set to work on reinventing the way people saw working lunches! A couple of weeks later, we were struggling to keep up with the demand of orders. So, what was my secret?

Lunch Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

There was no magic ingredient, secret family recipe or any other deception; I merely showed the company how easy it was to make a variety of other comforting and healthy food that didn’t have to revolve around two slices of bread thrown together with a measly filling! Panni’s, baguettes, soup, pastas and jacket potatoes were all healthier and filling options, whilst remaining cheap to purchase. Yet, they were simple and alternative solutions that didn’t involve a lengthy and complicated cooking process either.

Adult Lunches Are as Important as Children’s Lunches

I still find it hard to believe that we agree on children needing an essential meal at lunch time, but when it comes to our own working lunches, we often grab something on the go or even skip them all together! Preparing a healthy and nutritional meal for your work day need not be time consuming – but it needn’t be boring either.

Try implementing one new home-made lunch once a week, or buying something similar, and I’m guaranteed you’ll soon see the difference it makes to the rest of your working day!