My Story

Welcome to World Lifes. My name is Juan Rodriguez and I am a chef who works in a luxury restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico. I live happily with my wife and five children, who offer me immense support in everything that I do in my life. In all, you could say that I live a very happy life and I have been privileged enough to see so much of what the world has to offer. This website was created so that I could share a few of my stories with you and hopefully inspire you to try something new today.

My Journey

My journey into the culinary arts started right after I had completed my studies. I took it upon myself to travel as much of the world as I could, working different jobs so that I could find out more about the different styles and ideas that chefs in new places brought to their food.

I placed a particular focus on traveling through Asia, particular countries like India and Pakistan where they use chili peppers and other spices to make their cooking fairly similar to what I was used to from Mexican cuisine, but with enough twists to allow me to bring something new into my own cooking.

After returning from my travels, I made the decision to focus on creating a name for myself as a chef and building a family.

My Family

My family means the world to me. My wife has always pushed me to be a better man and it is through her that I have been able to develop into who I am as a person. Together we have five children, who each make me prouder to call myself a father every single day.

My family is my lifeblood and they offer me so much support in my work. Now that my kids are a little older, they have started attending many events with me, such as cooking festivals, food fairs and the like, where I can show my skills while also learning more about other people and their own abilities.

Why World Lifes?

First of all, I need to make a confession. Though my English has gotten a lot better since I started this website, it is still my second language. When I first registered the domain, I actually made a little mistake in the spelling. What should probably have been World Life ended up being World Lifes. Still, that doesn’t really bother me and I sometimes look at it as a sign of how far I and the site have come since it was founded.

But you’re probably wondering more about why I created this site in the first place. It all started as a place for me to share what I had experienced with the world. I know that not everybody has the chance to travel as extensively as I have for my work, so this blog offered me the opportunity to connect with others and share more of the world with them.

I have been fortunate enough to see so much in my life thanks to my travels and Worlds Lifes is my outlet to talk about the things that really mean something to me, whether that’s food, family, culture or anything else that might come to mind.

My Goals For The Future

My immediate goal is the same as it will always be. I want to make sure that my family are provided for and that they live comfortable and happy lives where we share as much as possible together.

Career-wise, I am very happy in my work as a chef. It is one of the ways, along with this site, that I can share my knowledge of cuisine with other people and there are still few greater rewards on this Earth than having a satisfied diner tell me how much they enjoyed the meals I prepare.

However, in recent years World Lifes has become even more important to me. The site has developed an amazing audience and now reaches thousands of people on a monthly basis. My aim for the site is to continue that growth, hopefully with your help, so that I can get my messages out to even more people while also making a little income from the work as well.