Tacos on every corner if Democrats win

It will likely take more than a filled tortilla shell to bring down the world’s largest superpower.

But for supporters of Donald Trump, it seems no threat is taken lightly – even tacos.

A prominent Trump campaigner has warned that the popular Mexican dish poses danger to the American way of life and will appear on “every corner” if the Republican loses the presidential election.

Marco Gutierrez, co-founder of Latinos for Trump, told MSNBC: “My culture is a very dominant culture. It is imposing and it’s causing problems.

“If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks [on] every corner.”

His remarks sparked ridicule on social media, particularly among Americans who may like to see more Mexican outlets in their neighbourhoods.

Mr Gutierrez, who quoted Star Trek in his interview by saying “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”, spoke the night after Mr Trump delivered a hardline speech on immigration.

The tycoon is known for tough rhetoric against Mexico, launching his campaign last year by declaring that the country was sending “rapists” and other criminals over the border.

In the speech on Wednesday he vowed to step up deportation of illegal immigrants and reiterated his belief that Mexico will pay for a border wall with the US.

A spokesman for his rival, Hillary Clinton, described the plan as part of a “campaign of hate”.

“In his darkest speech yet, Donald Trump doubled down on his anti-immigrant rhetoric and attempted to divide communities by pitting people against each other and demonizing immigrants,” the spokesman said.

In another incident involving Mexican cuisine, Mr Trump drew scorn in May by posing for a photograph with a taco salad, tweeting: “I love Hispanics!”