Top Wild Bird Hunting Destinations Around The World

Wild bird hunting is not as prominent as it once was.  There was a time when a hunter could haphazardly toss a dart at a map and find a great place to hunt.  Unfortunately, the progression of farming practices, droughts, and continual habitat losses have greatly affected the quality of wild bird hunting in many places.  

The good news is that there are still plenty of areas around the world that play host to a wide range of wildfowl.  All a person needs is a great pair of boots, a straight-shooting gun, and the thirst for a natural adventure.  Take a moment, and look over a short summary of a few of the top wild bird hunting destinations around the world.  

Los Ombues Lodge Entre Rios Province, Argentina

Argentina is a great place for hunting many types of wild birds, but most notably, the perdiz.  Perdiz is the Spanish term for partridge, and they litter the area like locusts.  The flight of the eared doves is also a great attracting factor for many wild bird hunters.  Sportsmen won’t have to walk far to tap out on the 10-bird limit.  

Los Ombues Lodge offers comfortable and cozy sleeping quarters when the hunt is done for the day.  The staff at the lodge will dress and cook up the day’s catch for guests while they get cleaned up and ready for dinner.  

Los Ombues Lodge is set inside a luxurious estancia-style property that overlooks endless acres of duck marshes.  There is a routine at the lodge that offers a different level of comfort.  Hunters head out in the morning to shoot ducks, have an excellent meaty lunch, and then head back out to hunt doves and perdiz before dinner.  

Flying Double F Ranch in Vale, Oregon

Pheasants and valley quail are the most common catch at the Flying Double F Ranch in Vale, Oregon.  The owner of the property pays very close attention to wildlife populations, and rests the fields more often than he allows shooting to assure that the guests always see plenty of birds.  

The ranch does have a few bird dogs onsite for hunters in need, but individuals are encouraged to bring their own four-legged friends.  The countryside around the ranch offers the chance to bag pheasants, quail, and huns that gather together around the grainfields.  

Rancho Caracol Tamaulipas, Mexico

If a hunter seeks a lodge that offers great food, great lodging, and excellent hunting, then Rancho Caracol in Tamaulipas, Mexico is the place to visit.  Bobwhite is the specialty catch, and the season typically revs up between November and into February.  

Do not worry about getting there, either.  Guests always fly into Harlingen, Texas and are met by lodge employees who will drive them to the lodge directly upon arrival.  Also, if hunters choose not to travel with their weapons, the lodge has plenty of loaners.