Traveling For Addiction Therapy Raises Your Chances Of Success

Traveling away for addiction therapy may be the best way to wage war against your addiction.  Admitting that you need the help to conquer an addiction is the first (and most important) step towards recovery.  

The next step is to find the treatment center that best suites your individual needs.  Research has proven that taking an addict away from their hometown (aka comfort zone) makes a difference in their level of success.  Here are a few reasons why traveling for addiction therapy raises your chances of success in recovery.  

Get away from friends and family that may or may not be positive influences

Family and friends are not always a good influence in our lives, especially for an addict.  Most often, friends are users too, and family relationships are a point of great emotional stress.  It helps to simply walk away from all of those complicated relationships and focus on recovery.  

When a person’s family has no access to them, the addict gets a chance to breath.  Traveling for rehabilitation gives the patient a chance to find their independance.  


Break habits and triggers

It is good to put a little distance between an addict and their everyday habits.  Going to the same places and seeing the same people tends to trigger the same old behaviors.  It is easier to start a new life when everything is new.  

Though you may not be comfortable with the thought of breaking away from all that you know, it has to happen to begin the healing process.  Believe it, or not.  Your “friends” will probably disappear all on their own if you plan to live a sober lifestyle.  

Vulnerability helps the therapy process along

Another result of traveling away from the comfort of familiarity is the subsequent vulnerability.  You have to be emotionally vulnerable and opened to change to truly make progress in treatment.  

Otherwise, you will find yourself back in the same routine in no time.  It is not easy to step away from a lifestyle, and addiction is definitely a lifestyle.  Allow traveling to open doors to a new, sober life.  

Traveling provides a wider range of treatment options

Not everyone has the best treatment options sitting in their neighborhood’s backyard.  Sometimes, travel is a necessity.  Small town treatment facilities are not typically equipped to deal with addiction issues such as eating disorders or an eating addiction.  

When specialized treatment is necessary, traveling may be the only way to find the best treatment available.  Do not be afraid to open up to a wider range of treatment options.  Travel to a new place to get clean, and consider beginning a brand new life.