Unique and Alternative Ways To Travel and Enjoy Life

Not everybody is going to follow a typical path when it comes to travel in the enjoyment of life. Not everyone wants to fly in an airplane to Jamaica. Not everyone wants to take the train to Chicago and see the sights. Every once in awhile, people want to do something entirely different. Is this where you fit?

You can do things like buy a mobile home and take it from the country, build a tiny house and move it to various locations, use a van as your base of operations, or even just run around the world couchsurfing. If you want unique and alternative ways to hit the road, all you have to do is grab them.

Take Your Mobile Home With You

It might not necessarily be the most cost-effective way to travel, but if you evaluate the worth of your mobile home, you can always spend the money to take it with you to new mobile home parks around the country. Historically, mobile homes first came into being because rich people wanted to essentially camp in a full house. Mobile home parks typically mean something different now, but that initial possibility of luxurious travel remains for those with the right type of resources and time.

Create a Tiny House

You can also build a tiny house and then figure out how to drive it to new locations at will. Some beautiful and amazing designs can even be pretty cost-effective, and they will give you the opportunity to hitch up your house to the back of a vehicle and start new whenever you feel like it. Many tiny houses don’t even require gas or electrical hookups, but rather run on creativity and generators.

Use a Van, Man

Living life out of a van is not something that is going to appeal to a whole lot of people. But for those who truly want to be free and live in an extremely cost-effective manner, it’s hard to beat. The hippie generation was famous for living out of vans, but there are plenty of people these days who have taken a page out of that notebook to try to find freedom in their life concerning travel.

Surf Couches at Will

For the real itinerant monk, there is always the option to just go surf on couches in people’s homes that are willing to have you. With the onset of Airbnb possibilities, especially for college-age students who are looking for a new type of meaning in their lives, simply going through advertising listings for couches and rooms they can stay in has become something of a right of passage.