How To Pack For A Rad Road Trip With Friends

There’s nothing better than free-spirited road time with your closest pals.  The freedom of vacation and traveling the open road offers a chance at release unlike any other.  If you’re looking to use your saved up time off work for an epic adventure, start planning your journey as soon as possible.  

Packing the right adventure gear is a pivotal part of construing an epic road trip.  Here is a brief overview of a few ways to pack for a good, safe time.

Pack the cooler with lots of joy

You and your friends need plenty of snacks to keep your systems fed and satisfied.  Pack plenty of water among the sodas, and make sure there’s no shortage of ice.  It’s ill advised to pack alcohol for the ride, so keep the cooler G-rated.  

Sandwich meats, fruits, nuts, cheese, and other quick power-packed snacks are the best for munching down on the road.  Keep it healthy in the car, so you can splurge a little once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Know your boundaries and laws

Cutting loose with your friends doesn’t have to result in a weekend in jail.  Keep it safe, and know the laws surrounding your recreational retreat.  If you’re traveling with marijuana, it’s ill advised to medicate on the road.  

Keep your stash in a locked safe in the trunk of your vehicle alongside your prescription card for the legal right to possess the herb.  Wear your seatbelt, and honor the speed limit, so you don’t spoil the adventure with a reckless encounter.

Entertainment is a must

When you’re on a long road trip, you’ll need plenty of mobile entertainment.  Make sure to pack all of the necessary power cords, a few backup power supplies, and plenty of Wi-Fi hotspot access.  

Your road trip will be filled with good music, good movies, and plenty of hilarious cat videos to spare you the lull of driving for hours.  

Comfort is paramount

You’ll need the perfect vehicle for traveling with your friends, and plenty of room for everyone is a paramount piece of the fun puzzle.  Sitting crammed in a small vehicle for hours doesn’t ever turn out the best.  Invest in a super fancy rental vehicle if need be, and travel in comfort with your friends.  

Prep for more than just yourself

It’s always nice to pack for more than just yourself.  Bring extra blankets for cuddle time with friends. Bring plenty of neck pillows, and you’ll need to make sure your vehicle is clean/clear of clutter before setting out on your trip.  

Your friends probably don’t want to wrestle with the empty soda cans and junk mail banished to the floorboard of your back seat.