Tips For Handling A Car Accident When You’re Far From Home

Getting into a car accident when you’re miles away from familiar territory can leave you feeling a bit unsettled.  Don’t panic. The situation is not ideal, but life keeps moving and so will you. The best thing you can do is to arm yourself with knowledge before setting out on your road trip.  

No matter where in the nation you are planning to visit, the steps you’ll need to take in the case of an accident are the same.  Read through this brief overview, highlighting a few things you can do to properly handle a car accident when you’re far away from home.  

What to do if you’re just a passenger

You may find yourself involved in a car accident when you’re simply a passenger.  For instance, people are not entirely sure what to do in the case of an Uber or Lyft accident.  If your Uber driver crashes the vehicle, it will help to know your rights.  

If you were injured in the accident, the rules get a bit more intricate.  It’s vital that you fully understand the contract when you get in the car with your Uber or Lyft driver.

Prep your vehicle before leaving

One of the most inconvenient things to suffer is an accident when your car is full of a bunch of junk, and you sit on the side of the road, hundreds of miles from home.  Gathering together the important articles among the mess won’t be an easy task after a car accident.

Clean out your trunk before heading out on a road trip, and make sure you know where all of your vital paperwork is stored.  Make sure you also double check your vehicle for general safety before leaving.  

Always have a plan B and C

If you’re involved in a car accident on a road trip, you probably didn’t plan for it to happen.  Your plan A didn’t work, so it’s time to move to plan B. Your job is to make sure there is a plan B and a plan C.  

Research alternative travel methods before leaving, and compare prices.  You’ll need to have access to enough funds to get yourself out of the mess of a car accident and back home safely.  

Know a few specifics about your insurance

Know that your car insurance policy follows your vehicle, not your person.  If you slip into the passenger’s seat for a quick nap, and your buddy wrecks the ride, your insurance will still cover the damages.  

If you’re planning on crossing any international borders on your road trip, look into your insurance policy.  You may not be covered once you cross the border of Canada or Mexico.