Pasta Dishes to Cook with Kids

Encouraging children to enjoy cooking at an early age is always a good idea; they learn how food is made, where it comes from and how different flavours can affect the finished product. They can also experiment with their own ideas, perhaps trying different herbs and spices. So, where do you start getting the kids interested in cooking? Well, we reckon pasta is a great idea to begin with, as it is simple, quick and everyone loves a good pasta dish!

Now, there are a few things to say before we list some great dishes you can cook with the kids. First, the youngsters should always be supervised, as there are obvious dangers involved with cooking – even with pasta! Keep them away from the heat, and tell them about the dangers, and also, make sure they don’t get close to the boiling water if cooking pasta that way.

In fact, we advise you get a dedicated pasta pot: these allow you to get the pasta out easily and safely, and to get rid of the hot water in the most efficient manner, without risk of scalding. You can find a great source of pasta pot reviews at, and we recommend you have a good look at it as these devices are very useful additions to your kitchen.

Cooking with Kids

So, which pasta dishes are suitable for cooking with kids? Let’s start with the most obvious one – spaghetti Bolognese! You can cook a Bolognese with your child’s help; let them chop the tomatoes, for example, or even select the spaghetti from the container, or ask them to mix the herbs and add them to the mix. Always make sure you’re there at all times, and they will be safe and sound.

Just as simple, and safer, is the lasagne. Because this one is cooked in the oven, your child can help put the slices of pasta in the cooking pot, and also add the sauce as required. They can also spread cheese on top if you want to do a lasagne that way, and they will be able to see it go from being a raw item, to a fully cooked dish! In fact, any pasta dish that is cooked in the oven is perfect for cooking with the kids, so we recommend these as a first option.

Enjoying Your Cooking

Cooking pasta dishes with the kids is an enjoyable thing to do, and it also enables you to bond with your child. It’s fun to show them how it gets from the raw ingredients to the plate, and pasta dishes are also very healthy and tasty. We really do recommend you get a pasta pot, preferably one of the designs that has an insert where you lift the pasta out, leaving the water behind. This is not just safer, but eliminates potential waste, so check out the website now, and see how you can make cooking with the kids more fun than you might have imagined!