Seafood Curry – How To Make A Delicious Recipe

This seafood curry is one of the most popular North Indian curries. It can be prepared in numerous different ways. In the traditional version, all the ingredients are mixed together with the help of coconut milk. The ingredients are roasted, mashed and fried. In some other variations of the dish, special sauces or powders are added to the paste.

To make the authentic seafood curry base of the Indian seafood curry, finely chop the onion, green chilies, garlic, ginger, tomato paste, coriander, coconut, cumin seeds and red chili powder into fine particles. Then, add the paste and turmeric powder to the powder and mix them until they combine completely. Now all the ingredients should be heated in the pan and kept at a low temperature. After five minutes, add the coconut milk and mix well.

The basic ingredients used in an Indian-style seafood curry are: onions, green chilies and garlic. In case of using coconut oil, substitute with your favorite cooking oil. Make sure that your chopper is of a fine design and has a seed in its end. Add salt to taste.

If you are looking for an easy Indian seafood curry that does not require a lot of preparation, then you can make it with prawns. All you have to do is to slice the prawns and steam them. Cook the prawns separately in about two teaspoons of olive oil. For flavoring, add coriander leaves to the cooked prawns along with a teaspoon or cup of turmeric powder. Then, mix all the ingredients together and keep aside. You can make this delicious Indian curry paste right in your kitchen if you have the time.

Preparing seafood curry for a big crowd does not need a lot of work. Since you usually buy prawns, white fish and other seafood in large quantities, you do not have to go to the effort of preparing this dish individually. You can use your leftover prawns, white fish and other assorted seafood and cook them together in your slow cooker. Add one cup chopped prawns, a whole cup of white fish, and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder to boiling water and stir thoroughly. Bring to a boil and let it simmer for about 25 minutes until the prawns are completely cooked.

Making this delicious Indian curry is not difficult. The key to come up with a good flavor is by using the right spices. You can also use a variety of available options like coconut milk, lemon juice, clarified butter and other tasty ingredients that you have readily available. A little improvisation will allow you to make a recipe that will make your guests be clamoring for more.